Floor to Ceiling Cabinets in Kitchens

Whatever color you choose paint your floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets do not spray them. The best idea is to clean and surface them before you apply your new paint.

Obviously first you need to take off all the hinges and handles and send your cabinets fronds with a nice 90 grit sand paper. Before applying the finishing paints make sure to prime the surfaces. Recommended way of doing this is either with the brush or with roller.

It is also a good idea to apply two coats of the primer before the proper paint. The most grueling and don’t part can actually be the very process of sending down the kitchen cabinet doors. It is because of the ornaments or armors that will make it difficult to access some of the areas on the doors.

Here you might want to use an electric drill with a proper extension for sandpaper so you can automate this process and make it easier and faster.

When installing your own floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets there are several important points to keep in mind. First of all you have to keep the units flush which is pretty self-explanatory. Second of all you will probably need someone to help you live the upper cabinets. Depending on the size and weight this might be pretty uncomfortable and require sometimes acrobatic likes keels sins very often you don’t have a good grip on it comes to lifting the upper cabinets.

Always make sure there is someone with you who can spot you and help you in lifting the upper cabinets as there are a lot of things that may go wrong and you can easily hurt yourself.

Another important and difficult think when installing your kitchen cabinets is maintaining that even level. This might seem like nothing important however if there are differences in levels between the single cabinets it will spoil the whole look. It will also appear very unprofessional and ruin the impression.

So when you’re drilling the holes in the wall make sure you measured the distance evenly from the ceiling and also check if you have even ceiling. It might happen that you ceiling can be slightly slanted what will screwup your measurements and make your kitchen cabinets hang askew.

Finally remember to secure the ceiling to floor cabinets not with nails but screws. Nails will not work as they want hold the cabinets and if you use nails there will always be a danger of the cabinet actually falling down on your head.

Screws simply have better grip and a superior to nails in any way. Whatever you decide to do make sure you pay a lot of attention to detail when installing your kitchen cabinets and do everything really carefully and meticulously to ensure a good result and success.